Did you know that you can convert an assessment you have in Word and import it into itslearning?  The conversion currently works for multiple choice and true/false (yes/no) questions.  NO need to retype the assessment in itslearning!

Thank you to ICATS Jeff Thornton for finding this gem.

HUB Word Test Converter from HISD Academics on Vimeo.

Open the WORD document assessment and make the following edits.

  1. All questions MUST be numbered followed by a period.
  2. All answers MUST be a letter followed by a period.
  3. Place an asterisk after the correct answer choice.
  4. Each question and answer choice MUST be on a separate line.
  5. Make sure there are no semicolons (;) in the questions or answer choices.
  6. Only text will work. (Images and HTML won’t convert)
Questions must be numbered. Answers must be lettered. Place an asterisk after the correct answer. Each question and answer MUST be on a separate line.

Convert the Document

Visit the following website: http://houstonisdpsd.org/HUB/

Step 1:  Submit the Content to the Houston Website

COPY the questions with answers from the WORD document and PASTE it in the upper box on the Houston website.  Select SUBMIT

Copy all text from the WORD document.
PASTE the text in the conversion website.

The website will automatically convert the text into a format needed by itslearning and places the new text into the bottom box of the website.

Step 2:   COPY all of the text in the bottom box and PASTE it in a new WORD document.

COPY text and PASTE it into a new WORD document.

STEP 3: SAVE the new WORD document as a .txt file

STEP 4: Navigate to your course title and then select the RESOURCES tab in itslearning.  Select the Green +Add button then navigate to the TEST icon.

Fill in the Test Information page and click SAVE.

Select the QUESTIONS tab.  Select IMPORT

Step 5: Select the circle beside FILE

Step 6: Choose the .txt file you created

Step 7: Select INSERT

Mark FILE–> Select the .txt file you created–> INSERT

The questions and answer choices are imported into your itslearning assessment.

The correct answers are marked for you with the import.

Correct answers are imported

The itslearning assessment is now ready to be assigned to your class.

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Dee is a member of EVSC’s Innovation, Curriculum and Technology Specialist (ICATS) team. She supports teachers to integrate ActivClassroom technology in their classrooms and serves as the district’s Promethean trainer. She also works with teachers in the areas of Google apps, Compass Learning Odyssey, itslearning, Symbaloo, Adobe video editing tools, and creates tutorial videos for the ICATS YouTube channel.