G Suite Training is a Google Chrome extension that offers simple and interactive training lessons to get you up and running fast with G Suite (formerly Google Apps).

Getting Started with G Suite Training

G Suite Training Icon Location
Click this icon to open the G Suite Training lessons.

The G Suite Training lessons are designed specifically for each application and are easily accessible when using the G Suite app in Google Chrome.

To get started, click the G Suite Training icon located by your user avatar in the top right of your screen.

Gmail G Suite Training Lesson List
Gmail’s “G Suite Training” Lesson Menu

Clicking the icon will reveal a list of interactive training lessons for the app you’re currently working in. Lessons are organized by topic and each lesson has a checkmark next to its name colored gray or green letting you know if you have completed the lesson or not.  If you already know about a topic in the list, you can click on the checkmark to change it from gray to green indicating your mastery of that lesson.

If you can’t find a lesson browsing through the topics list, just enter a keyword in the Search box at the top of the G Suite Training menu to see if there’s a lesson available related to your keyword.

What to Expect from the Lessons

When you start a lesson, a box will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen containing voice notes for the audio that plays and controls for pausing the lesson and skipping ahead to the next lesson in the play list.

G Suite Training - What to Expect
Click to Enlarge

As you watch your screen, you may notice another mouse cursor moving in your window and visual prompts that appear to guide you to click and interact with the lesson.  When you are asked to perform a task in the lesson, the lesson will pause giving you time to interact with the application and will only continue once you have completed the given task.

This extension is like having a personal Google assistant on your computer anytime you need them.  You’ll be learning in no time and becoming an expert at everything Google!

G Suite Training Extension Features

G Suite Training Extension on Chrome Store
Click to visit the Google Chrome Store
  • Rich, interactive training – Whether you’re in Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, or Docs, you can learn and take actions, all at the same time.
  • In-App experience – Training is accessible directly within G Suite, so you don’t need to leave the application to learn how to use it.
  • Available to all – Whether it’s to master Google Classroom, or the G Suite Admin Console, G Suite Training is free for your entire organization.
  • After adding to Chrome, refresh your Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Forms, Google+, Classroom, and Admin Console tabs to access the training menu.
  • Learn more at https://support.google.com/a/answer/7039472.
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Jerrad Gleim has been a teacher in the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation since 1998 and has served a majority of his years in middle schools teaching math and Pre-Algebra. Since 2008, he has worked as a member of the EVSC Innovation, Curriculum, and Technology Specialists (ICATS) team where he is the webmaster of the ICATS website and worked with teachers to integrate programs such as the Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, YouTube, and Apple iPads.

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