Here are the latest notes from the itslearning website on Release 80 of the itslearning learning management system.

Collapse and expand message section in the profile card

Some of you have told the itslearning team that the message section in the profile cards takes up too much space. They saw the point, and in this release they’ve made it possible to show and hide the messages.

Simply click the chevron icon to hide it:

And click the speech bubble to bring it back:

– See more at:

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Dee is a member of EVSC’s Innovation, Curriculum and Technology Specialist (ICATS) team. She supports teachers to integrate ActivClassroom technology in their classrooms and serves as the district’s Promethean trainer. She also works with teachers in the areas of Google apps, Compass Learning Odyssey, itslearning, Symbaloo, Adobe video editing tools, and creates tutorial videos for the ICATS YouTube channel.

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