This is a reminder that the third nine week (GP3-9W) grading period ends today – Friday, March 3, 2017.

Report cards will be printed next week. The deadline for teachers to submit grades is as follows:

  • Elementary: Monday, March 6, 2017 by 3:30 PM
  • Middle: Tuesday, March 7 by 3:30 PM
  • High: Wednesday, March 8 by 3:30 PM

Office personnel should run the “Review Grades Not Reported” report within the “green screen” of RDS. This report can be accessed via: F7 – F5 – F4. Office personnel should reach out to any teacher(s) that have not submitted grades and remind them to do so prior to the grade window closing. Teachers may also access their individual “Submitted Grades Report” via their gradebook in RDS under the Reports menu.

If teachers have questions regarding the grade submission process, there are several resources available to assist them:

  • Contact the tech coordinator or a veteran teacher in your building
  • Contact the School Support ICAT assigned to your building
  • Review the tutorial videos on your attendance screen in RDS
  • Visit the iCATS website for helpful information and tutorials –
  • Call (ext. 18555) or email ([email protected]) the IT Helpline

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