Have you ever accidentally clicked the “SEND” button before you were actually ready to send the email? Have you placed a name in the “to” area only to discover it should NOT have been sent to that person?  UGH!

There is a way to give yourself a few seconds (5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds) to decide if you want your email message stopped.  This feature, Undo Send, is found in your email settings.

The following short video will show you how to enable this valuable tool.

Link to Video:

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Dee is a member of EVSC’s Innovation, Curriculum and Technology Specialist (ICATS) team. She supports teachers to integrate ActivClassroom technology in their classrooms and serves as the district’s Promethean trainer. She also works with teachers in the areas of Google apps, Compass Learning Odyssey, itslearning, Symbaloo, Adobe video editing tools, and creates tutorial videos for the ICATS YouTube channel.

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