Digital Age Content & Skills

Sessions in this strand take a look at the tools and resources available to Digital Age educators, as well as the 21st Century skills needed to effectively make use of these resources. Example topics might include: Web Tools to Enhance Communication, Effective Ways to Use Promethean Boards, or Engaging Tablet Apps for the K-2 Classroom.

Digital Age Teaching & Learning

Sessions in this strand take a look at teaching strategies and models as they relate to Digital Age learning environments. Example topics might include: An Introduction to Project-Based Learning, Strategies for Creating a Student-Centered Classroom, or Differentiating in the Digital Age.

Digital Age Leadership & Vision

Sessions in this strand take a look at topics related to creating and leading in Digital Age learning environments as viewed through the lens of building and district level administration. Example topics might include: Flipping Professional Development, Developing Your School’s Social Media Strategy, or Building a Culture of Innovation.