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Tellagami is a mobile app that allows users to create short animated videos (called Gamis) that feature a single customizable speaker against an array of possible backdrops. This is an easy to use, free app with an online component for sharing videos. There is also an EDU version that is more full-featured, but that costs money to use.

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Tellagami Mobile Apps

iOS App


Sample Gami



Resources to Get You Started

How-To Blog Post

ICATS Challenge Post

EdReach App Review

Six Gami Examples

Scholastic Review

Graphite App Review

Storytelling Ideas

Tech 4 Teachers

Comfortably 2.0 Review

Ways to Use Tellagami in Your Classroom

  1. Have students demonstrate learning on a topic.
  2. Have students “report live” from a location.
  3. Have students introduce a book.
  4. Have students sell a product.
  5. Have students create a thank-you message for teacher appreciation week :)
  6. Introduce a topic.
  7. Comment on student work.
  8. Deliver instructions while away.
  9. Use as an Exit Ticket.
  10. Have students share their short writing pieces.
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