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 VoiceThread is a tool for having conversations around media.  Whether it is images, videos, documents, presentations, or a combination of them, Voicethread can securely capture and hold a group discussion on one simple page.  Participants can participate in a digital conversation by phone, webcam, text, microphone, or file upload.  Basically, if you can view a webpage, you can join in the conversation.

VoiceThread Example 

VoiceThread example provided by www.thecfco.com

VoiceThread Mobile App

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use VoiceThread in Your Classroom

  1. Have an asynchronous discussion. Give students a prompt to which they will respond when they are ready.
  2. Post an image to which students will respond via poetry.
  3. Host an online debate around a compelling issue.
  4. Encourage students to post work to collect feedback in the form of an online workshop.
  5. Have students post the beginning of a story to which others will offer endings.
  6. Post a newscast video of an historical event and have students react through their modern lens, then later through the lens of someone from the time.
  7. Have students teach a lesson via video and then post it. Have other students respond with questions and comments.
  8. Have students take a persuasive stand via VoiceThread and invite other students to comment.
  9. Gather classroom feedback by posting questions to guide lesson planning.
  10. Give students data to set up a problem, then have them make predictions as to the answer/solution to that problem.
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