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TodaysMeet is a great tool for creating backchannel discussions that can live on beyond the original event. Students and teachers can use it to hold an asynchronous discussion or as a workspace for sharing resources or gathering feedback.

TodaysMeet Example

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.17.47 AM

This example is a screenshot from a TodaysMeet used during a workshop in which teachers and students created resources for a trans-media story.

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use TodaysMeet in Your Classroom

  1. Use TodaysMeet as a backchannel during direct instruction.
  2. Use TodaysMeet as a backchannel during films and listening activities.
  3. Use TodaysMeet as a way to brainstorm and collect ideas at the beginning of a class, activity or unit.
  4. Use TodaysMeet to hold an online discussion during virtual learning activities.
  5. Use TodaysMeet to create a digital record of a class discussion as a resource for later learning.
  6. Use TodaysMeet to invite feedback about a learning experience.
  7. Use TodaysMeet to invite feedback from parents during Open House.
  8. Use TodaysMeet as a repository for digital resources and ideas during projects.
  9. Use TodaysMeet as a replacement for Twitter chats.
  10. Use TodaysMeet as a class suggestion box.
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