Technical Support

Support Group Contact Name(s) Email Address

Submit a ticket for:
- Computer Problems
- Email Issues
- Google Login
- IP Telephones
- MediaCAST
- Network Problems
- Promethean Hardware
- Printing Issues
- Teacher Websites

Include your name, school, and room number in the body of the message. Webdesk
RDS Gradebook Login Issues Include your username in the body of the message. login@evsc.k12.in.us
RDS Gradebook Issues Student Schedules - Contact Your School Office
How to use the Gradebook - EVSC ICATS
RDS Parent Access
- Elementary Setup of Parent Accounts
- Password Resets
Include your username in the body of the message. parentaccess@evsc.k12.in.us
Achieve 3000 Achieve 3000 Support Achieve 3000 Support Page
Acuity Deborah Coane Deborah
Aesop (Substitute System) Debbie Haire
- Please review troubleshooting tips first before contacting.
Data Warehouse/DASH Marietta Rodriguez Marietta
Dibels / TRC / mClass Math Deborah Coane Deborah
ECA / iTester Marietta Rodriguez Marietta
Employee Access
- Employee Account setup for payroll information.
- Password resets for Employee Access.
Include your username in the body of the message. empaccess@evsc.k12.in.us
Envision Kim Johnson kimberly.johnson@evsc.k12.in.us
EVPL eAccess Heather McNabb
EVPL Outreach, Programs, & Partnerships Manager
EVSC Portal Websites (EdLIne) Sara Dewitt Sara
ID Badge Your Building Administrator
iObservation iObservation Help iObservationHelp@evsc.k12.in.us
IREAD Marietta Rodriguez Marietta
MyBigCampus Login Support For submitting EVSC login issues with MyBigCampus.
This is different support than MBC Website Support.
MBC Login Support
MyBigCampus Website Support This is the direct email address to MyBigCampus Technical Support. MBC Technical Support
Learning Connection Marietta Rodriguez Marietta
INORS / Turnleaf Marietta Rodriguez Marietta
National Geographic Login Issues Rebecca Crowe Rebecca
School Website (Edline) Sara Dewitt (Technical Issues)
Jerrad Gleim (Usage Questions)
Single Sign On for CTB Marietta Rodriguez Marietta
Staff Portal Website Sara Dewitt Sara
WeBSET Andrea Gordon Andrea
WebEx Michelle Folz Michelle