PLN’s come in many shapes and sizes!  One of the greatest benefits of a connected educator is that they have connections in multiple places that allow them stay up to date on what’s current and what’s around the corner.  My Big Campus (MBC) is a global learning management system (LMS) that is gaining speed quickly.  While at it’s roots MBC is designed as a place that teachers can connect with students for resources, assignments, and online class activities, MBC is so much more than the average LMS.  My Big Campus reaches beyond the normal class happenings, by incorporating social networking directly into the system.

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Edutalk is a Twitter-like interface within MBC that provides an educators only PLN.  The system is available to all educators that have MBC accounts (free by the way).  Students that are in My Big Campus do not see Edutalk, making it a great professional learning network for educators.   Teachers and administrators can post “Hoots” of up to 255 characters + any attachments that you want to add!  In Edutalk, you can follow #hastags, search for trending topics, post your resources or ideas for others to comment on, or even ask questions of your PLN.  The link below is a My Big Campus bundle of resources that gives information about Edutalk and guides you through creating a hoot on MBC.—228098

Another great feature of Edutalk is it’s ability to link with your Twitter account.  When you Tweet, your tweets are pulled into Edutalk and are posted for you there as well, so there is no need to duplicate your posts.

Because My Big Campus has a large community of educators, “following” other educators in MBC can be just as important as searching your favorite #hashtags!  When you follow other educators in MBC, you see their hoots and public messages on your personalized activity feed that stays current with the latest happenings in MBC and the globe, all based on your group activities and who you follow in My Big Campus.  The bundle link below is a quick guide to “following” someone on My Big Campus.

Here are some great people to follow in MBC:

  • Libby Lawrie – Senior MBC Coach
  • Chrissie Allen – Senior MBC Coach
  • Matt Kitchens – Senior MBC Coach
  • Stephanie Lennon – Senior MBC Coach
  • Joan Roehre – Senior MBC Coach

Enjoy exploring MBC and Edutalk!

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Kris is part of the Innovation, Curriculum, and Technology Specialist (ICATS) team with the EVSC. He has been with the EVSC for 15 years and has been a classroom teacher and coach at the middle and high school level. He taught biology, general science, and technology education courses during that time. As part of the ICATS team Kris has been directly involved with many areas of focus for support of classroom teachers, including: 1:1 initiative, Apple products, Google apps, My Big Campus (LMS) Certified Coach, RDS gradebook system, and web tools. Education: B.S. Michigan Technological University (Biological Sciences) M.A. Ball State University (Technology Education)


  1. Since I have been using Google Docs so much in my senior English classes, I have not been using MBC so much, but the thing I like about this feature is that it is specific to a topic. The people Kris listed are great resources on MBC and I am sure there are plenty of other lists like that of like-minded teachers that can be connected with.

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