If you touch the Promethean Pen to the board  and see that the pen tip does not align with the arrow, the board needs to be calibrated.



To initiate the calibration screen, Hover the pen above the flame in the upper left corner of the board.



Follow the onscreen directions.  A series of  crosses will appear on screen.  Touch the stylus to the center of each cross.


The pen tip will now be aligned after calibration.



Calibrating the Promethean Board can also be done through the task bar on the computer.

Select the triangle on the bottom right of the taskbar of a PC.


Select the Promethean icon – PC  (You will find this icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen on a Mac)


Select calibration from the menu.  Then select 5 points.


Calibration points will appear on your Promethean Board.  Follow the on screen directions.

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