Let’s collaborate on Campus….  My Big Campus!

My Big Campus (MBC) is an online social learning environment that allows educators to collaborate with each other to share lesson ideas, assessments, and resources.   Each teacher has full rights then to edit and share that resource with their own students on Campus.  Let’s take a quick look at the MBC Library of resources, Bundles, and Groups in MBC.

My Big Campus Library


My Big Campus has done a great job of creating “How-To” videos and resources for personalizing learning on MBC.   The following link is for the How-To bundle on the MBC Library.


The greatest pieces of the sharing puzzle in the MBC Library is that all the resources in the library are curated there by educators.   While you are searching for topics you are teaching it is comforting to know that what you are seeing has been collected and placed there by other educators.  When you find a useful resource you can share it with your students or copy it and make edits before sharing it.  The library includes YouTube videos, websites, images, documents, and bundles all searchable by topic, name, tag, and author.  Check it out!

My Big Campus Bundles

Bundles LogoThink of Bundles as containers that hold any digital resource you would like to share with others.  Documents, presentations, websites, images, text, videos, iBooks, apps, and assignments can all be housed in a bundle.   Once you have things ready in a bundle, you can share it with anyone you want, even if they are not in MBC.   Any future changes that you make to the bundle are then immediately also shared with all that have access to it.  Check out this “How-To” bundle on Bundles!


 My Big Campus Groups

Groups LogoMy Big Campus Groups give you a location for all of your online classroom activities and resources.  Now that you have searched the library and created bundles of resources for your classes you can share them all in groups.   A group in my big campus represents a class, team, after school group, or even a PLN of teachers sharing resources with each other.   In groups, you can make announcements for all group members to see, create discussions around a topic or resource, share your resources, or even assign schoolwork.   Check out the “How-To” resource on groups in MBC!


Now that you’ve had a chance to learn a little about some of the Collaboration pieces of My Big Campus, please share your thoughts in the commenting section below!
Happy Connected Educators Month!
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Kris is part of the Innovation, Curriculum, and Technology Specialist (ICATS) team with the EVSC. He has been with the EVSC for 15 years and has been a classroom teacher and coach at the middle and high school level. He taught biology, general science, and technology education courses during that time. As part of the ICATS team Kris has been directly involved with many areas of focus for support of classroom teachers, including: 1:1 initiative, Apple products, Google apps, My Big Campus (LMS) Certified Coach, RDS gradebook system, and web tools. Education: B.S. Michigan Technological University (Biological Sciences) M.A. Ball State University (Technology Education)


  1. I use MBC every day for class purposes but not so much for “storage” yet. I still prefer my flash drive and a binder to hold at least 1 copy of everything in that chance you walk in and internet or computer is down or a last minute sub crisis. I have found resources to use and I save those. At the very beginning of MBC, I made a bundle for every unit that I teach but find that I still go back to my flashdrive as method of choice for storage.

    • The cloud storage available in My Big Campus is great, but the collaboration pieces of MBC are really what drove us in their direction when we were searching out an LMS replacement for Angel. The ability to share resources from teacher to teacher was an overwhelming factor that most LMS solutions could not offer. In addition to content delivery and safety, collaboration is huge.

  2. I agree Kris but until we can get more teachers to buy in to anything with technology and MBC… digital collaboration is at a dead end. I like m collaborating with other teachers across the state and nation though with it on the things I have found/used.

    • Collaboration itself is the important thing. Regardless of where you are doing it, it is always important to seek and listen to the ideas of others in your profession and especially in teaching. In my opinion, the location (online vs. face-to-face) of the collaboration really only changes the scope. I disagree with your comment that “digital collaboration is at a dead end”. On the contrary, the resources shared online and in My Big Campus continue to increase number and quality each day. This blog and the resources shared in it are a testament to that collaboration. Thanks for commenting!

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